And not only the buttocks but Masha skinny redhead also did a tremendous job on herself. Not only the puffs after the trip to the hall are transformed. What will happen to the average statistic skinny figure, if you add rocking and proper nutrition? Rather dive tackle, look at the beautiful pictures, and read the story of Masha.


I started training in the fall of 2013. I weighed 55 kg and wanted to lose weight as all girls. I did not know how else to describe my desire to have another body. With the growth of 168 cm, my weight in recent years (from 21 to 27) has been chaotic fluctuations ranging from 50 to 62 kg. At the same time, all the surrounding people considered my figure to be slim and fit skinny redhead, sometimes even “drizzle”, but never full speech was not going.

I did not consider myself a bun, but from the age of 13, when I started to think about my appearance and body, something always irritated me. I did not like my stomach (he is still the problem zone number one for me), at the age of 16 my hips became more rounded, and small “ears” were formed. Then I did not understand that all this is only natural for an emerging female figure natural bodybuilders, and already in those years began to resort to various kinds of diets (not after 6), unloading days on yogurt and apples, actively pumped the press so that “the fat left in the muscles “and other experiments with appearance, which did not have any effect at all, or it was short-lived.

First mistakes

I’ve never been an anti-militant character. Simply, everything required more control and some kind of systematic rational approach skinny redhead. When I came into the hall, I thought that strength training would change my body overnight, but I was very wrong. After three months in the hall, I began to weigh even more than before. And, having heard about all sorts of precompetitive diets, she sat down to “dry”. The caloric content of the daily ration was reduced to 800-1000 kcal. Of course, I lost weight, but there were constant failures. The kind of cookies banged my head, and from the smell of freshly baked bread in the supermarket, I wanted to climb onto the wall. Yes, and again I was unhappy with my body. It was not the result that I expected. And this extreme weight loss has left its mark on health. Because of the compromised immunity, I went off with bronchitis for three weeks, after which I restored immunity two more months and struggled with a cold on my lips love meditation, which one by one followed each other without a break skinny redhead. So my first six months of “healthy lifestyle” took place, which became a turning point in my history, and completely knocked out my spirit of success.

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Further, my daily diet was so messy and inferior, the body simply did not have enough carbohydrates, skinny redhead for which he sent me to a familiar locker with cookies to get the coveted portion of energy redhead bodybuilders. So another six months of my relationship with the hall and food took place, as a result of which I gained a good weight gain, but the body began to slowly change, muscles became stronger, but, unfortunately, were covered with a sufficient fat layer.

My strength training, as a rule, is not divided into priests, legs, backs. For one workout I work, both on the bottom and on the top. At the same time, there is some specificity. 20 years ago I experienced an electric shock, resulting in my legs being injured. The right shin was devoid of a certain amount of muscle tissue. As a result, the body was formed asymmetrically. Do not worry, it’s not so scary, the average person does not even understand anything, except that he will ask about the nature of the scar on his leg.

For a mixture of vareniki, I took 20 g of mango for every 100 g of cottage cheese, added an egg, stevia, a little salt, and mixed thoroughly redhead bikini model. She left for 15 minutes the manke to swell, and then rolled the balls. With constant stirring, the balls were dropped into boiling water for five minutes. It is very important to interfere so that the vareniki do not stick to the bottom and to each other redhead fitness model. As a topping in a blender, I beat up the strawberries and added a teaspoon of honey to the morning portion for breakfast, a delicious taste!

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Now the weight is about 55.5 kg. In total, I am engaged in the hall for about 2 years 10 months, each time setting myself some new goals fitness redhead or landmarks. This spring I managed to achieve a good reduction in the fat layer and all the nuances with the missing forms swam to the surface. Therefore, I am now actively working on the gluteal (they are most quickly blown off when losing weight), over the longitudinal strips of the press, I also try to maintain the current weight and the percentage of fat due to nutrition. Well, the conceptual problem of the symmetry of the body and the proper operation of the muscles is at the skinny redhead ass of all transformations.

Advice to beginners

  • Any experience is priceless. Perhaps, without stepping on those rakes that stood in my way, I would be a different person. Sport, fighting with self, breaking stereotypes – this is also the upbringing of the spirit.
  • Find a competent coach, preferably with a medical background, especially if you have any physiological nuances, old (or new) injuries, diseases, and so on. Do not need to measure the coach by the number of muscles on his body or outer shell, look at his qualifications.
  • If you went to the hall, then you should not think that only training will make the body beautiful and elastic. The garbage can not smell a delicious redhead fitness model, right? All that we feed our bodies from the inside is reflected on its surface. Therefore, I would immerse myself in the study of nutrition at the earliest stage of working on my body, I would study the basics of proper nutrition in reliable sources: how to count the calorie rate, the norms of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, what is the deficit/surplus of caloric content, would familiarize with the counting applications calories and so on.
  • Clearly formulate for yourself the goal of your transformation. To do this, we can do a bioimpedance analysis of the body to understand in general what we are made of, and what really is worth working at. After all, many girls, wanting to have a beautiful figure, designate this desire as “lose weight”. At the same time, they already have a bodyweight deficit, and the muscular corset is not developed at all.
  • Remember that you can not make a figure, like someone else, as if you are working with plasticine. Take the ass from one idol, press another motivator, and become perfect. Once I had to take off the rose-colored glasses and understand that everything is the very individual skinny redhead, with what nature gave us at birth – you can not argue. Although you can, but in the loser, you will remain. You can improve yourself, but you should never compare yourself with someone and think that you are something worse, because of the other redhead fitness model. When I realized this, I began to treat my body with great respect.
  • Do not pay attention to criticism on the Internet, heiters, and savvy experts. Many people strove to express their authoritative opinion about my transformation. I do not listen to anyone, just wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see the result. I go up to the bar, I pull up five times, and not three, like a week ago, and I see the result. I pass my husband, from the corner of my eye I catch his glance at the priest, and I understand that the sports body is a sexual body, not a masculine body. And those who sit on the couch and write comments, and will continue to do so, missing the opportunity to become at least a bit better, stronger, more goal-oriented, or at least tactful.
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