Lee Priest finally saw a video of Rich Piana slapping Jason Genova. Order 66 Jason

There was a small scandal at the beginning of the month. American kochkoblogosphere on it is very powerful “bombed”, we suddenly also had a video on the topic order 66 Jason, attached it.

rich piana jason genova

In short, that is such a famous syntholovo-steroid-tattooed monster Rich Piana. He has his own firm, the sports line “5%” and all that. And there is a less well-known mentally retarded “bodybuilder” Jason Jenova, who has his own “army” of fan-hayters (the guys simply stick from him). So, the last one announced the “order 66 Jason” on Rich and sort of set it on that bulking for women heap of hayters. Since Piane ignored Jason, he did not want to shoot a joint video with him, sponsor it. At this point, you can start laughing, but remember, it’s a mentally retarded person with the child’s intelligence …

Rich and his wife were severely attacked by all social networks with curses, threats, etc., etc. As a result, 185cm 140kg “brutal” in the image of a “bodybuilder” was sitting on treason and even nearly let him in his pants (he said he even carried a barrel with a barrel), but then he found out that this mentally retarded “set” on a herd of trolls and calmed down order 66, Jason. And all would be nothing, but Djenova at the exhibition approached the stand of order 66 rich Piana and began to communicate with him on the topic of removing a joint video Maxtreme Pharma Oxa-Max. Well, that’s understandable, the case, and decided to somehow man-like to deal with him, whipping him slightly over cheeks (lol).

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Actually Rich Piana Jason Genova, it was the “biting” video that caused the bustle of shit in the western fitness blogosphere. Someone justified Rich, someone said that Khan to him as a person and Khan to his business, and so on. In fact, all this way or another, this theme is always tricked. As a result, Rich had to explain a separate video and even call to apologize and agree on settling the conflict with Jason.

In the dry balance, we have this: a brave huge 140 + kg of bumps is afraid of trolls on the Internet so much that it walks with the barrel Kamagra Amsterdam into the hall, and with the mentally retarded understands “like a man”, whipping that lightly on the cheeks. For what? For those most repulsed trolls, which does not matter whom to pursue on the Internet and on whose pointer order 66, Jason. More like the behavior of a little girl, is not it? Bloggers, too, are not strikingly overpowering with a powerful reaction to an essentially insignificant incident. In the net gain, in the end, only a mentally retarded “bodybuilder” and the notorious trolls. Let’s enjoy for them.

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  • Both handsome! Piana does not behave aggressively. But it is harsh in communication, although if Genova is an asshole, then Rich behaved very adequately and friendly.

  • not the best thing to do from Rich Piana, Jason would have done enough to meet Rich Piana with a couple of phrases, for example, “you will do it again, catch your ears and hope” to beat a mentally retarded, an adult and an intelligent person is not good. his, my opinion from there is a thread of this topic

  • Rich Piana wise man, respect

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