In the US, a Vicious copsucker struck the young girl with his fist in the face with all his might. The indignation of the policeman caused resistance from the suspect

On the shots that eyewitnesses have removed, one can clearly see how a man tries to force him to put handcuffs on her and to sit him in a nearby car officer punches woman in face.

cop punches woman in the faceBut the woman was not from a timid ten and refused to obey. She several times stated that she knows her rights, and the patrolman has no legal grounds, since he does not have a warrant for arrest. At one point, the police officer gave up his nerves, and he, without feeling embarrassed, hit her hard enough to stop her.

As writes The Independent, by blow the officer has answered a cheerleader on a slap. Presumably a drunk American, having received change, fainted.

The incident hit the video cop punches woman in the. As the law enforcers told, the American got into a quarrel with other spectators who were present at the stadium and cursed foully. After the game, she was charged with violating public order.

Tens of thousands watched the video. Some believe that the officer exceeded his authority, and they demand that he be fired, while others consider a blow to his face as a “natural” reaction to the girl’s unworthy behavior.

A Vicious copsucker came out of the car, swore, swung his fists. And the woman in response began to shoot it. Then the guard struck her on the face, from which she fell on the asphalt and hurt her hand. Police punches woman in the face also kicked the phone that had fallen from her hands.

On the fact of the incident, a check was carried out, which confirmed the woman’s rightness by shooting from the video cameras over the entrance doors of the entrances and the testimony of eyewitnesses.

The Vicious copsucker is now accused of exceeding authority.

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