King Instagram Dan Bilzeryan

You can not prohibit a beautiful life dan bilzerian chicken legs. This principle is followed by the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” American millionaire Dan Bilzeryan (or Bilzerian).

The venture capitalist and poker player, the son of a former trader from the Armenian diaspora convicted of financial fraud, Dan Bilzeryan for 2015, according to unofficial data, has a fortune of 235 million US dollars. And he does not deny himself anything dan bilzerian chicken legs.

dan bilzerian beforeHe achieved quite good successes in poker, but for the most part he became famous all over the world due to his insane deeds and luxurious parties, which are vigorously discussed by the public. And to discuss there is something, because almost every step Dan fixes in the photo and puts it into the Instagram. You can see all the photos on his page in this social network.

Almost 20 million subscribers in the King’s Instagram closely monitor how he rests and spends fabulous sums on women and expensive entertainment dan bilzerian chicken legs.

Dan is in great physical shape dan bilzerian chicken legs, despite the fact that he has already survived three heart attacks, the fault of which was the abuse of drugs and alcohol. But training in the tactical division of the US Navy did not pass without a trace. However, the very fact of this preparation is often the subject of controversy.

A scandalous millionaire is often accused of chauvinism because of his attitude towards women. But he does not pay attention to it.

In addition, the press has repeatedly raised suspicions that in fact, Bilzarian does not have such huge money, and his real estate, aircraft and cars are rented to create the image of a successful person. But to believe in it or not to believe, it’s up to you. It was never possible to prove the possible deceit of the millionaire.

So who is Dan Bilzeryan? A normal major dan bilzerian chicken legs, showing off wealth (perhaps not his own), or a man who fulfilled an American dream? Where does his money really come from? After all, he has not been very lucky with poker lately …

Whatever it was, outside observers and rancor can only envy the life of Dan.

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