Kevin Levrone is one of the most outstanding athletes in bodybuilding. Kevin Levrone’s workout conquered many of his fans with chic muscles. He took part in various competitions and was always among the top ten.

General information
Kevin Levrone (USA)
Born: – July 16, 1965
Height: – 175 cm
Competitive weight: – 111 kg

Kevin Levrone, nicknamed “The Maryland Muscular Machine,” was born July 16, 1965, in Baltimore. After the death of his father, he began to work hard in bodybuilding, firmly determining his future. He often wanted to be alone with his thoughts and for this, he chose a gym. As the sportsman himself said: “Bodybuilding is a sport of singles. The best place for seclusion, then a gym, is simply impossible to find. ” Heavy experiences after the death of his mother made Kevin go head to head training. The first result after training was achieved in 1990, where the young man won. Next year, Kevin Levrone routine wins the US National Championship and becomes a professional IFBB. This was the beginning of his career.
Then came the victories in the competitions at the Grand Prix in England, France, Finland, Spain, Germany. The first participation in the popular competition for the title “Mr. Olympia” was held in 1993. At this contest, Kevin Levrone’s training took the 5th place. Kevin Levrone’s workout was always among the ten winners of the competition. After the competition Mr. Olympia-2002, where the bodybuilder took sixth place, he decided to take a vacation. And in 2003 he announced his resignation from bodybuilding for the next three years, but after appearances in the “Show of Force 2003,” the athlete completely stopped his participation in the tournaments and devoted himself entirely to the career of the actor.
In 2007, there was a rumor about Levrone’s workout participation in the tournament “Mr. Olympia”. However, this was not confirmed. It is difficult to assume that it was an obstacle: difficulties with returning to the previous form, or this statement was originally an advertising move.
Today, Kevin is the manager of two gyms in Baltimore and Maryland, and every year holds a “Classic” – competition, all funds from which are transferred to the charity fund to help sick children. This foundation Kevin created in memory of his dead parents.

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Complex of exercises

Many people paid attention to the chic muscles of Kevin Levrone’s workout. However, everyone has problematic areas, which are very difficult to train. Before the performance in the competitions for the title “Mr. Olympia” Kevin developed a program that deals with the elaboration of the muscles of the deltas and breasts. Let’s imagine it to you:

Training of deltoid muscles.

The press due to the head

Exercise is designed to load all delta beams. Lay the hyphal of the rod on the shoulders behind the head. When performing exercises, the elbows should be placed strictly under the bar of the bar. At the top of the amplitude, the neck should be above your head.

Press of dumbbells

This exercise is an excellent addition to the bench presses in the training of the shoulders. Sit on a bench with a vertical back as much as possible and press your back tightly to the bench Kevin Levrone comeback. Taking a deep breath, hold your breath, and forcefully push the dumbbells upward Oxa-Max. When the most difficult point of the amplitude is passed, exhale. Dumbbells at the top point should be as close as possible.

A hand lifts through the parties using dumbbells

This exercise can be performed both with both hands simultaneously and alternately while standing and sitting.
Sit on a horizontal bench, lower your arms with dumbbells on the sides, keep your elbows in a bent position. Raise your hands with dumbbells from this position up to the parallel floor. When you reach the top point without pausing, like some other bodybuilders, slowly lower the dumbbells down.

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Dilutions in the simulator

Sitting on the simulator to take hold of the handles and raise your hands either sideways upwards or backward. And then return to the starting position.

Shaggy with dumbbells

Hands with dumbbells are lowered along the trunk. Fixing your elbows, with the effort of only one trapezium, raise your shoulders as high as possible.

Exercise of the top of the chest.

Inclined information in the block. 4 sets of 10 repetitions

Place the reclining bench exactly in the middle. Lie down on the bench face up. Elbows hold a little bent, hands spread apart while keeping the cables of both blocks taut.
Do not change the angle of the elbow joint bend, pull the hilt over the chest. The controlled movement returns to the starting position.

Slanting presses of dumbbells. 7-8 sets of 10 repetitions

The back of the bench should be set at an angle of 45 degrees. Lie down on the bench face up, while holding dumbbells in bent hands.
With a powerful effort, squeeze dumbbells along converging trajectories into straight arms. Do not allow impact at the top of the bench. Controlled return to the starting position.

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