MMA is on the rise today, so it’s not surprising that more and more people want to train like their favorite fighters. The problem is that the great fighters are already sufficiently prepared in terms of strength and endurance and, moreover, they have excellent technique. Not at all, but at the majority. And drawing up a good rich Piana training program for competing fighters can be very difficult. It is necessary to take into account the schedule of their technical training, past injuries, and problems with which they deal now, who trained them before, and this could be more than one person, recovery. And at the same time, we still want them to become stronger, tougher to come to their best form while continuing to improve technique in their sport. Fuh! Train fighters are very difficult.

Training fighters

So the problem with most athletes is that they hit too much on extremes. Rarely do fighters train at the level when “just enough”, whether it is about strength training or general training (although here we rarely stop at “just enough”). Usually, you have a guy who is constantly improving the technique of combat and OFP (most of this outright crap) or you have a fighter who thinks that he is a bodybuilder who is engaged in boxing, wrestling, or what else you have there. The middle between this is exactly what you need to achieve from a fighter, but try to explain it to them. It is almost unreal.


In our head, there is an installation that is won by the one who plows the most in the hall. And although hard preparatory work is the basis of victory in any endeavor, it is important for the fighters to understand that they need to become the best in their chosen form, to compete at the highest level possible. If you do not grow in your sport, you are just in vain “burning rubber”. Who is Dan Bilzerian? There is a saying, “No more means better, and better means better” sounds like a joke, but this is still true.

What I propose to more and more fighters is focused on training. Not only technical but also power and air conditioning. If they just take what they are doing now, cut it in half, and be more focused on what they need to do, they can double the results. For example, take the guys who train 6-8 hours a day. They either a) suck, or b) do garbage in training, not focused on what brings real results. And although in technical training it is difficult to control, since each coach has his own idea of ​​how and what should happen, at least, one needs to be focused and very focused on strength and conditioning exercises.

Get better

With all that was said above, let’s see how you can start organizing your workouts and squeeze the most out of the time you spend in the rocking chair. This will give you more time and energy to get better at breaking hands or knocking teeth out with your feet in the head.

I think that most fighters who train 5-6 days a week need two or a maximum of three days of strength training per week. Since you have enough physical training in regular training, you need no more physical training. I know that many guys are used to another, but still, I ask you to reduce the time and it is better to spend it on stretching and working out the muscles. If you fight a lot, sparring, working with projectiles, you will have little energy left for anything at all. So you need to spend the rest of your efforts most productively.

Basically in training, I give the load on the whole body. One workout for 45 minutes (often even less) is all that is needed. The secret is to use the best movements, working through all that is needed. This means a lot of pressure, squats, squats, and exercises for the extensor body. Do not let yourself be fooled into thinking that you have “your own specifics” in training. Focus on getting rid of balance and gaining strength, better fighting form, getting it from general dumbbell arm exercises.


One of my favorite approaches to training is an exercise with a heavy bag. This is a great tool for maximizing your time to become stronger. They will also help develop the endurance needed for your sport. And although the explosive force is necessary for the fighters, in training the fighters need to pay more attention to improving the ability to “explode” not just once, but in many repetitions. And the peculiarities of training with a sandbag, when each movement involves muscles-stabilizers, upper back, spine, and grip strength, are just what are often weak points of the fighters. Also causes your pulse to increase very quickly. It would not be superfluous to notice that movements in the gym are directed only at flexors and extensors, and combat sports require great isometric strength. Many movements with sandbag involve the same muscles but will load them even stronger and faster. Training with a bag of jokes, it is still that plowing.

Effective training

Here are 4 of my favorite complex using heavy sandbags for the development of crazy muscular endurance and hard power that is needed in the ring or on the carpet. While many training programs make you bigger and stronger in the gym, sandbag training will have an effect on your sport.

For these complexes, you will need to prepare a sandbag weighing 60-70% of the weight of your body. If you are an experienced dan Bilzerian, then your goal is 70% if not very, then 60% is enough. You can always adjust the weight during the training, but at the same time, this projectile should not be simple for you during several months of training. Therefore, you can adjust the weight of the bag or adjust the number of repetitions in exercises and rest periods.


For this program, choose one circular complex per day and after warm-up, you can choose one of the following:

  • Option 1. perform each round 3-5 times with a rest of 60-120 seconds between each round (30 seconds or less between each movement). Your goal here is to slowly increase the amount of work, adding to the repetition in each movement. And to increase the number of rounds only when all repetitions are performed with good technique and minimal rest (or without it).
  • Option 2. Set the timer for 15-20 minutes and try to make as many laps as possible during this time. This amount will be a good indicator of progress. You are either growing or not.

I recommend choosing the second option through time, choosing a certain complex. That is if in weeks 1 and 2 you did a complex AD (suppose two workouts per week) and performed only a minimum of 3 laps with the specified number of repetitions, then for 3 and 4 weeks, you do an intensive workout for 15-20 minutes. Then repeat the whole process.

The main objective

But remember that the purpose of additional strength training is to improve your performance in sports, and not to kill yourself, bringing to a state where you stop progressing or worse, your performance will rollback. Gradually increase the total volume and do not try to beat records every time. Be able to understand when good is enough.

So, here are 4 ohrenennyh complexes, which at the end will leave you lying in a pool of sweat, completely killed from the fingers to your calf muscles.

Example of training fighters with a bag

Circle A 
1. Taking on the chest and press X 6 
2. Squats with a bag on the shoulders X 6 
3. Twisting X 6 
4. Thrust in the slope X 6 

Circle B 
1. Taking on the shoulder X 6 
2. Taking on the chest and squat X 6 
3. Bending forward in a bear hold X 6 
4. Thrust in a slope X 6 

Circle C 
1. Taking X 6 on the shoulder 
2. Lunges in a bear holding X 6 (3 for each leg) 
3. Power taking X 6 
4. Thrust in tilt X 6 

Circle D 
1. Taking on the chest and bench X 6 
2. Squats in a bear hold X 6 
3. Power Pull X 6 
4. Thrust in tilt X 6

You may notice that I included thrust in each circle, and this is so that this exercise is never enough. Plus, you strengthen the extensors of the back, grip, and upper back. This exercise involves your muscles differently than a barbell or dumbbell in tilting or rowing on a simulator.

If you have little time, like most fighters, these circles can be your whole program. But there is nothing wrong with adding to the sleigh with weight, exercises with your weight and additional burdening, working with a sledgehammer, and everything that comes to your mind. Work hard, but do not forget to recover. Do what is best for you to become a strong, fast, and trained fighter.


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