This article is aimed at the athletes of Mixed Martial Arts. How not to twist, namely representatives of disciplines, which are represented by MMA steroids such federations as UFC and MMA – are the most common and popular today. In addition, some BIs (such as Box or Karate) have long and depend strongly on their sports physicians who prescribe courses for them, taking into account the specifics of their kind of sports activities.

So. What is the basis for the fighter? It is an explosion of speed and strength, general endurance and a quick recovery between contractions. And do not forget about the technique, which should not suffer in the process of preparation. Given the fact that the soldiers are preparing cyclically, we will consider just short preparations. Although, there will be one exception that is lower.

First of all, I will list the AU, which is more to the detriment of, than in favor of the athlete – the fighter:

  • Methandrostenolone
  • Methyltestosterone
  • Trenbolone
  • Oxymetholone
  • Nandrolone

The fact is that the first three will almost certainly have a negative impact on overall functionality and technical characteristics. Nandrolone in this steroids in MMA regard, much more reasonable choice. That’s only he is extremely caught for doping control. And given that doping tests are becoming a mass phenomenon – keep away from any ethers of Nandrolone away.

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Both drugs will perfectly cope with all three qualities necessary for a fighter. Plus to it – in any way will not affect techniques if the adequate diet is observed and you do not bite excess weight. In the end – both “Turinabol” and “Oxandrolone” leave the body very quickly. It is very difficult to detect them in the body.


And one and the other – very actively used in those kinds of athletics, where you need explosions of speed and strength. It makes sense to take an example from the queen of sports. Both – will provide a quick recovery, and Drostanolon also overall endurance will raise tangibly. If you take into account the fact that the mass on these speakers does not increase so that it would be noticeable to the naked eye – an excellent choice, I’ll tell you.


It is propionate and no other, if you need a quick action and the same rapid removal of pharmacology from the body. To all the rest, long ethers like Cypionate or Enanthate are quite appropriate. Unambiguously avoid combs such as Sustanon or Omnadren (unless you are on HRT). We will not recount for a thousand times the mass of positive qualities that are inherent in this androgen. I will say only that if you need to quickly regenerate between training and constantly have a good mood for the result – Testosterone is strictly necessary for you.


Absolutely irreplaceable AU for any martial art. Absolutely. The bonus of this drug is the ability to increase the overall aggression. Negative qualities – unreasonably high cost and even higher toxicity for the liver. And the liver needs to be protected. In any sport.


This is the very exception that I mentioned. Often, this or that fighter needs to increase the body weight by several kilograms. Both these anabolics will MMA steroids provide an increase in quality and (more importantly) working muscle tissue. Which is better? This is a matter of an individual nature. Try and choose. Do not forget that to ensure adequate anabolism in the body of a man only Testosterone is capable. To him and add one of the presented speakers.


For lack of an opportunity to take Nandrolone and Dexamethasone (remember about the trouble with passing the doping test with the first in the blood, and the second one is generally counter-indicative) – you only have the Growth Hormone and IGF-1 in the minimum doses.

Only, do not focus on the dosages offered to bodybuilders and law enforcement agencies. Fighters can (and should) manage with a minimum amount of AAS. And still, I want to remind you that all kinds of sports nutrition products are always good for the result if there are finances and brains. Not only the predecessors united live a real warrior. The same vitamin complexes and MMA steroids whey protein – SOMEONE will benefit. And supplements with Omega 3 acids protect the heart and blood vessels.

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I want to report that the purpose of its writing is to study this issue scientifically and not to consider the legality and ethical aspects of the use of anabolic steroids and other hormonal drugs by representatives of mixed martial arts. Moreover, this article is not a guide to action or agitation for or against the use of powerful drugs by professional fighters. In addition, I want to specifically draw the attention of athletes to the fact that in most countries and sports organizations (including professional ones), there are sanctions for the use of drugs belonging to one or other doping lists, and those who distribute them, and sometimes uses, can be persecuted right up to criminal.

Just in case, let me remind you that in spite of the fact that there are several ethical platforms for treating doping (drugs that allow the body MMA steroids of athletes more easily to carry super heavy loads), which they consider correct or their total prohibition, or on the contrary, full permission, or some intermediate position. Currently, the world’s most common platform is imposed on the world by US representatives, which allows specially created, again American organizations, to create rules for assigning certain drugs to doping, and mechanisms for controlling athletes that are an additional trump card in the US political struggle domination in sports, as well as a very profitable business with billions of turns.

In view of the foregoing, I will venture to make a number of observations on this issue simply as a review of the practice that has developed among professional fighters from different countries of the world, which primarily requires scientific description, study and analysis. Information for this scientific analysis is taken from open sources:

  1. The question of using strong drugs in MMA, just like in power sports, is the fate of a small part of professionals, since the main purpose of these drugs is to allow the body to recover after the loads are so severe that it is impossible to recover naturally after them. Proceeding from this, attempts to use them by those who are not engaged so seriously – at least it is meaningless, whatever fairy tales they do not believe.
  2. In this sport, these drugs also contribute to the early healing of injuries sustained in battles, and therefore, no matter what kind of ethical platform for doping a person adheres to, it is not in his right to condemn fighters who often shed not only sweat, but also your blood, if one of them, being an adult and capable person, still makes a decision, for example, to use the AU.
  3. The practice of using strong drugs, well studied, for example, by bodybuilders, like most of these drugs themselves for the needs of the MMA are not applicable, due to the specifics of the requirements imposed on the fighter during the fight.
  4. If in most pure power species the main indicator leading to victory is the strength and mass of muscles, in martial arts there are much more conditions and qualities MMA steroids that must be taken into account in training, since loss of speed and endurance can not be allowed, and tangible growth is undesirable body weight and loss of elasticity and strength of ligaments (which, in addition, can lead to unwanted injuries).
  5. Continuation of the previous paragraph is the exclusion from the practice of MMA of most drugs that give a large water retention in the body, negatively affecting endurance, as well as a significant reduction in working dosages remaining in comparison even with medium and small dosages according to the standards of bodybuilding practice.
  6. In addition, if any of the athletes still decide in their careers to resort to the use of a drug, he must necessarily consult with lawyers in the countries where he lives and acts, as well as with doctors, in order to clearly understand all the consequences of his decision (including in relation to the organization with which he has a contract). Also, it is necessary to understand how it will be (if any) to undergo doping control, it is only a one-time procedure for the detection of only the most serious drugs and drugs, or it is a constant and out-of-competition control with a rigorous test of the results.

If we take into account all the above, then we can say that there are still fewer preparations left for consideration, than it has disappeared, even for cases with “soft control” or its complete absence. Suppose that a professional fighter is only interested in the result, and he does not fear control under the laws of the country where he is speaking.

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Of the few options remain in principle possible: testosterone in various forms, boldenone, primobolan, masteron, trenbolone acetate and enanthate, oxandrolone. Very limited stanozolol in combination with something else to reduce the likelihood of injury to ligaments and turinabol-only for the period of power courses Because it has a very negative effect on endurance.

Actually, in the practice of professional fighters, combinations of two or three drugs are most often used, some of which are more androgens and others are MMA steroids anabolic to achieve a synergistic effect and further reduce the dosage of each drug.

For example, this combination of masteron and trenbolone acetate, one should only take into account that one of the side effects of trenbolone, which is rarely seen with small dosages, can be the appearance of a spasm of breathing, so do not take it in the immediate vicinity of the competition.

Another quite working combination is primolaban and one or another variant of testosterone, the choice of which depends on the fact that fast testosterones are quickly steroids in MMA excreted and retain waterless, but they need to be pricked more often, which is not always convenient and pleasant, and long enough to stab once a week, but the water retention is longer (without it in any case, not to do, the question is an increase in its own weight of 2-3 kg., or 8 – 10 …).

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It should be borne in mind that if the question of strength is not as critical as the issue of functional conditions and weight, then the soldiers resort to this method as a way out of the course on oxandrolone (about two weeks), after which testosterone MMA steroids boosters are used to boost the production of their own testosterone. As a result, the water merges immediately, and the strength condition is maintained for almost a month after the end of taking Oxandrolone, while the functional preparation and endurance reach a peak in two weeks.

A few words about growth hormone (GH), it is also used, but the athlete must always make sure that he does not even have a hint of a predisposition to oncology and also do not overdo with dosages, 4 units per day are enough. It is also a useful drug for rehabilitation after trauma.

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