It is impossible to imagine an athlete who has a massive body but small arms. Usually, each athlete pays due attention to hand training. Everyone does it his own way. Someone with a barbell, someone with a free weight. Some do it with dumbbells, we’ll talk about them today.

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises: Features And Tips

If you want to pump up your hands with dumbbells, 0.5 to 4 kg (for girls) and 8 to 10 kg (for men) will suit you. Just do not forget to prepare your limbs for the load by completing a full workout.

During the warm-up, the hands, forearms, and shoulders must be worked out sequentially. Moreover, you can use the expander to pump the hand muscles and perform all other exercises during the warm-up without weights. Before you pump up your hands with dumbbells, you need to conduct a thorough warm-up.

When the muscles are warmed up, start working with dumbbells. You must complete their lifts with supination, do the Hammer exercise, and also lift the dumbbell to the biceps using the Scott simulator. These exercises will help to pump up your hands with dumbbells and to strengthen your forearms, you should lift the weight by flexing and extending your wrists.

One Dumbbell Shoulder Workouts To Target Biceps And Triceps

If you wish, you can pump up the arms with one dumbbell. The following exercises will do:

  1. Bicep curls. Sit on a bench, taking a dumbbell in one hand, and rest your elbow on your knee. It is necessary to bend and unbend the arm, raising the sports equipment. This is one of the best exercises using dumbbells to build muscle in your arms. Moreover, when you work out one limb, you should start training another.
  2. Perform the same standing exercise to pump your arms with dumbbells. Try to use your shoulder muscles, not your back or forearm.
  3. Hammer. In this case, pumping the arms with one dumbbell is not difficult.

How To Build Arm Muscles Without Dumbbells: Arm Workouts Without Weights

You can pump up your arms and give them a beautiful appearance even without the equipment at your disposal and without going to the gym. And they will help you with this, first of all, push-ups. Perform these exercises with standard, wide or narrow arms. Moreover, push-ups must be done regularly – they will strengthen the muscles of both the arms and the back or chest.

Working out in the sports field also helps to build arms. Do dips and pull-up to target your arms muscles. Such exercises are basic, and perfect for pumping the shoulders, back and chest, and arms. They are useful for every athlete if he wants to have a strong, toned body.

In conclusion, it should be noted that no matter how you dream about beautiful powerful arms, you can not train exclusively for the development of biceps, triceps, and forearms. Give preference to exercises that involve the work of a whole complex of muscles.

Indeed, everything is interconnected in the human body, and some muscles simply cannot grow and develop if others remain unchanged. So isolating exercises are not an option for you. Be sure to combine them with basic ones if you want to succeed.



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