The internet is torn between people who believe that he is is creatine natty and people who know he is not. This is the genetic phenomenon of Dante Franklin. His story is not unique, like most stories about bodybuilders. Was once an ordinary kid with a paunch, teased with fat, not respected and beaten. Then it dawned on him that it was necessary to become someone who would all be afraid and respected and nothing better he came up with how to become a bodybuilder is creatine natty))) Judging by the photos and terms of transformation without steroids, it did not happen because it’s just not realistic to reach such a shape in a short period of time. Therefore, most Americans write and do not blush about the fact that they are shaking in natura, well, hang up noodles there at home.

Due date

donte franklin bodybuilderLooking at a person’s progress over the years is a sure way to find out if they have taken steroids or not.

Donte says he started lifting weights when he was 12.

Natural guys quickly produce a significant amount of muscle when they first start to lift weight; but after this initial growth, growth will slow down and they will remain almost the same from then on is creatine natty.

Donte uploaded several incredible transformations before and after his Instagram, which allowed us to follow his success since he was a teenager.

The following image is a photo of Dante’s 6-year-old progress donte franklin bodybuilder, aged 18 on the left, and now he is on the right young phil heath.

Looking at this photo, you can assume that he is definitely on steroids because he is ridiculously bigger … although he wasn’t new to the first picture on the left is creatine natty.

However, the above picture is not a reliable way to compare the benefits of a person over the years, because he poses in completely different positions. Certain angles can make you look a lot bigger than you actually are young phil heath … especially when bending one picture, and not the other.

So let’s look at Donta at the age of 18 and now in the same position …

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