The history of the creation of Synthol.

You can really see the EXACT moment when Synthol freaks suddenly regret all his terrible decisions

So it is accepted that the conversation about the creation of Synthol begins with the mention of the Esiclena. Let me remind you that this drug, which gained immense popularity back in the 80s, has an extremely low anabolic activity, but with intramuscular injections, it has the property of causing a strong inflammatory reaction, which results in edema and short-term (about 24 hours) increase in muscle volume. These properties and caused the widespread use of Esiclena by steroids in MMA competing bodybuilders. And at the same time, they pushed the German chemist-lover Chris Clark to the idea that it would be nice to create a similar long-acting drug. Obtained in the early 90’s composition, he Synthol (Synthol) – like the name of one of the most powerful nuclear fusion technologies. However, this name was already patented, so a new one was invented – “Pump’N’Pose” (Kachaysya and Pose). Under this brand, the drug is now sold all over the world. One of the first users of Synthol was the German strongman Klaus Doring, who calls himself “the owner of the biggest hands in the world” with a size of 27 inches (you will still see this amulet). At the end of the article, after glancing at the Cabinet of Curiosities, you will realize that there is nothing unusual in this now. A couple of inches with Synthol is common. And now he is being pricked not only into the biceps and triceps but also to the gaming, quadriceps, deltoid, and pectoral muscles.

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Synth rolling.

Clarke found a truly golden vein (for himself, of course) since he provided an opportunity for thousands of people ready to go all out for MASSA’s almost trouble-free method Synthol freaks, which neither amateurs nor pros disdain. $ 400 is the price of a bottle of Synthol, which is banned for use by “direct designation” by all federations and committees fitness studio but is sold worldwide as oil for posing.

What is Synthol?

Synthol 85% consists of C8 fatty acids (MCT-Medium Chain Triglycerides – medium-long chain triglycerides), some amounts of C10 and C12 fatty acids, 7.5% lidocaine (local anesthetic), 7.5% benzyl- alcohol. In simple terms, this oil (fat) with a certain amount of anesthetic substances. The drug is injected deep into the muscle, where it is deposited between the beams of muscle fibers. With repeated injections, the amount of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size, just as the balloon expands when it is filled with air. About 30% of the drug is metabolized by the body Synthol freaks. The remaining 70% remain in the muscles, where they persist for more than 3-5 years and undergo a very slow decay. As for the duration of Synthol, there are many disputes, but in the majority, they are reduced to the fact that Synthol is delayed in the muscles for a much longer period than it was stated – at least 8 years.

Now attention!

The next paragraph on how to use Synthol. Why suddenly this information on ANTIDOPING CENTER? And you read and understand. “Injections are made with a thin needle to a depth of one-quarter of an inch. For the first 20 days, 1 ml every day, 10 ml for 2 ml, then 3 ml daily until the muscle increases its volume. days, 1 ml daily, 30 ml for 1 ml twice a day Synthol freaks, then 1 ml per week for 1 month, only after this course the muscle volume increase becomes constant and the muscle does not decrease. again: it may be possible to achieve a new addition of volume (although the chances are not so are large, about 50 to 50) “. From the point of view of medicine, this is very reminiscent of the obsessive ideas Levitra generic names of a schizophrenic patient. You just imagine – a minimum of 275 ml in one muscle, a minimum of 250 injections in one muscle!

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