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When the movie “The Expendables 2” appeared, many people wondered how Sylvester Stallone was keeping himself in this form. In this article we will talk about how the 66-year-old actor deals with, eats, and what he pays more attention to.


  • Biography
  • Training system
  • Food


Sylvester Stallone

  • Date of birth: July 6, 1946.
  • Height: 177 cm.
  • Weight: 98-100 kg / 216.05-220.46 lbs.
  • Best films: “Rocky”, “Rambo”, “The Expendables”, “Climber”, “Judge Dredd”.


Sylvester Stallone was born on July 6, 1946 in New York. He studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Miami.

The movie “Rocky,” a film that glorifies the postulate “Equal Opportunities for All” so dear to American hearts, came out on screens and from the very first day of hire began to beat all box office records. Overnight, Stallone from a third-rate actor swiftly stepped into the “star rank.”

However, in addition to Rocky, Stallone has another trump card – “Rambo”, three series of which brought the actor even greater popularity and huge profits.


sylvester stallone


But although in a number of subsequent films like “Night Hawks” (1981), “Cobra” (1986), “Struggling” (1987), the actor continued to exploit the screen image successfully found in “Rocky” and “Rambo”.

Participation in the comedy of John Landis “Oscar” (1991) – a remake of the famous French film with the brilliant Louis de Funes in the title role – opened to the public a new Sylvester Stallone – comical, resourceful and cheerful.

As the “most enviable groom of Hollywood,” Sylvester Stallone is an extremely busy man: he is acting a lot, writes scripts, dreams of ballet, and is also actively involved in the social life of American bohemia.

Sylvester Stallone training program

1. A first set:
Squats- 8 repeats
Deadlift with dumbbells – 10 repetitions
turns sitting – 10 repeats (Figure 1)
pullups weighing – 6 repeats (Figure 2)
Dipswith weight – 6 repetitions

2. The second set:
Seated leg extensions- 10 repetitions.
Standing calf lifts – 8 reps.Dumbbell
ribs- 8 repetitions (Figure 3)
Lifting the dumbbells with a reverse grip – 6 repetitions (Figure 4)
Lifting dumbbells “hammer” for biceps – 6 repetitions
Lifting for biceps in the Scott’s bench – 6 repetitions

3. Press.
Lifting the legs in the arm – 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

When performing exercises, especially rotational or balancing, remember that you must carefully monitor the technique, because many movements can be traumatic. For example, in the film for the character Stallone there is a leather bracelet on his finger, which actually hides the injury.


sylvester stallone biography


As for training, it does not have a single program or a monotonous technique, that is, the following programs can be applied:

  • Program for bench press;
  • Training athletes (in side, football, basketball and other types);
  • Training to set the mass.

So what is the secret?

For the film “The Expendables”, Stallone was seriously working on increasing the mass , – it is easy to notice that in the films “Spy Kids” and “Rocky Balboa” his form was different. This time, he focused on forearms, trapezes and neck muscles.

Coach Stallone, Gunnar Peterson: “The main part of the training was in the muscles of the lower body: we do deadlifts and scars with the same weight, so we worked out the forearms. In general, the basic exercises are the most effective .



At the time, Stallone decided to make his own movie. Well, today he decided to produce his own sports nutrition «InStone» . The reasons are similar. In the abundant American market over the years of film career, he could not find products that meet his professional, and therefore exacting, taste – just for the people we looked at and chose, as well as made up – the rating of sports nutrition .

We must immediately make a reservation, “InStone” is not a publicly available product. Even banal whey protein is much more expensive for Stallone. And not because Sly abuses the surcharge. The thing is different. Just so much should be worth the real whey protein. (Why all the other proteins are almost twice as low, can ask only the most incomprehensible.)


sylvester stallone training program


From the outset, Sylvester set the company’s staff a unique task of creating drugs of pharmacological quality. At first, such a goal seemed impossible. After all, the same food technologies are used in the production of sports nutrition. Bulk packaging lines operate with known assumptions. Deviations in the composition of the ingredients may be a few percent. When it comes to flour for homemade pancakes, this, perhaps, is acceptable. And if a product for building muscle mass, where the active substances are measured in milligrams? So, we must start with the equipment?

Then the production program came up against the problem of raw materials. Those amino acids are known to be synthesized as a medical (for own needs), as well as numerous businesses – on food additives rights. It would seem that the manufacturer of sports nutrition has a choice. In fact, there is no choice. For the simple reason that the quality of medical amino acids is expensive. Needless to say, Stallone chose them.

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