Attackers in clown dresses clown pistol whipped, armed with axes and pistols, reached Austria, TASS reported. They act alone, they attack passers-by and motorists, and meetings with the latter do not always end well for clowns.

So, the driver of the car in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt was so scared when he saw on the roadside a clown with an ax that turned the steering wheel towards him and knocked down the attacker, and then fled the scene, leaving the car there. However, the driver immediately told the police about what had happened. The clown, who received minor injuries, remained lying on the scene of the accident.

The police found out that the clown with the ax was walking, in fact, from the party in some drunk and did not plan anything terrible.

But the clown, who met an automobile enthusiast near the town of Liebenfels, was not so gay. Threatening with a pistol, the attacker demanded to give him all the money, threw the girl out of the car, hit the gun on the head and disappeared. The girl got a concussion.

In total, in recent days in Austria, recorded four attacks of clowns.

Such rallies are very popular in the US and Europe. And no one shoots anyone. Although there weapons are allowed. I saw the moment of attack on our pranker – a passer-by sends to the ground a powerful blow to the guy, sees that he is lying down and does not even get up, pulls out his weapon and shoots at him. Is this permissible? Yes, the weapon is pneumatic, but all the same. There is a concept – permissible self-defense. And here clearly the excess of its limits – if he had pushed away the pranker, or even struck – there would not have been a dispute. But getting weapons and shooting is too much ”


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