About Rich Piana’s mother

Rich Piana was born in 1971. His mother was a professional bodybuilder, and it was in her footsteps that Rich went. He became acquainted with this sport when he was 11 years old and he first visited the gym, watching his mother train. Then he realized that this is the very thing to which he will devote his whole life.

Honestly about steroids

A 140 kg Rich Piana plastic surgery admitted to using steroids added that he was “sitting” on drugs from adolescence and was not going to change anything.

Now the 45-year-old, Rich Piana lives in a world where everything is full of excesses. He lives in huge houses, eats ten large portions a day, and continues to build up his disproportionately swollen muscles.

The “swollen” strong man began from the use of decades of steroid in high doses. His shocked colleagues in the shop, other bodybuilders, however, pumped in moderation, recently posted a video on YouTube, urging Pian to stop.

Side effects from the use of anabolic, of course, did not pass by Pian, who often discusses this topic on his own YouTube channel. But the bodybuilder insists that he is satisfied with his life and his own way, which he chose himself.

His approach, perhaps, is best formulated in the slogan for his company, specializing in effective additives for the transformation of the body. The slogan consists of only two words: ‘At any cost’.

Rich Piana, the son of a bodybuilding mother, was born in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California), and became acquainted with the world of weightlifting at the age of eleven. He went to the gym, where he watched his mother prepare for performances.

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Soon Piana himself became infatuated with bodybuilding. According to information from the website ‘Deadspin’, Rich participated in his first competitions at the age of fifteen Rich Piana plastic surgery, where he failed to enter the number of prize-winners.

Several subsequent failures forced the beginning bodybuilder to resort to the help of steroids, which Piana then includes, then excludes from their training programs the last 27 years. The man even places in Instagram graphs of the use of steroids. He himself develops such schemes.

Rich Training Program

Basic training: Rich Pian’s program is a progressive split and volume split. The athlete begins with fewer exercises, approaches, and working weight, gradually increasing weights, the number of approaches, and exercises. Rich trains legs separately set aside a separate training day for hard chest workouts and one day for lighter chest workouts with biceps, back exercises with triceps, excluding deadlift, and also sets aside a separate day for shoulders and a day for pumping auxiliary muscles, such as gastrocnemius, forearm and trapezius muscle. There is no specific set of exercises, it just monitors the overall increase in intensity and volume. And it’s worth noting that since Rich takes steroids, it works, overtraining , so the principle of constructing a cycle of lower intensity and volume indicators to great use is necessary, but the linear progression simply will not work.

Auxiliary training: Rich uses three types of auxiliary training. Firstly, it performs every day several times a day, exercises a vacuum that allows you to keep a narrow waist with a large muscle mass. He performs each time 3 approaches for the maximum amount of time. Secondly, in the morning Rich does cardio, he gets up, drinks BCAA, and does cardio, the duration of which also gradually increases along with the intensity and volume of the main workouts. Cardio should begin with 15 minutes and gradually bring up to 30-40 minutes daily, and you can also twice a day: morning and evening. Thirdly, Rich Pian’s program involves evening bedtime training with a small weight of 100 reps in 1-2 sets. You choose a muscle group, you can 2, and pump them before bedtime in 100 repetitions. More often than not, Rich pampits his arms and shoulders like this, doing dumbbell swings to the sides or bending his arms for biceps with 7kg.

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Explaining his approach in one of the videos, Rich said: ‘If you have a choice, use steroids or gain muscle mass naturally, stop on the second option. There is no justification for taking steroids. They only harm your body, they harm you. ”

“But guess what will happen when you want to become professional bodybuilder steroids look like? You probably have to use these fucking steroids. You will not have a choice. This happened to me exactly. ”

Piana continues: “I performed on stage and reached the point where you have nothing to do on this stage if you do not take steroids. So this step was taken and made. ”

“But you know what … I’m pleased with my choice, I’m pleased with how everything turned out in my life. I would not like another development of events. ”

“I’m totally satisfied with what I did. Steroids came into my life when I was eighteen. ”

Since then, Rich Piana plastic surgery has taken seventh and eleventh place in the national championships in bodybuilding. He became the owner of several interstate titles, including the title of ‘Mr. California’.

There were times when a bodybuilder spent 2,500 dollars only on hormones, not taking into account the money spent on steroids.

Today, Piana is no longer involved in bodybuilding competitions. However, he continues to work on his body and achieve new goals. Rich earns round sums, using products of various brands on an advertising basis.

Piana also sells various supplements and receives revenue from its channels in social networks.

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More recently, the restless athlete presented a four-month impersonation called ‘More every day’. He promised that any of his spectators would be able to increase almost 14 kg of pure muscle mass if he adhered to his insane training and nutrition plan.

In his videos, Piana complained about how often he had to undergo a weighing procedure. He also added that the torment was the constant preparation of protein cocktails.

“Such a number would be enough to drown the youngster,” Rich cites a strange comparison, referring to the huge doses of protein absorbed by him.

To prove the effectiveness of his training and diet, Rich Piana hat himself fulfilled his “More with Every Day” Challenge. After that, he set himself a new task: to lose about 30 kg, because “the muscles became too much.”

Discussing nutrition, training programs, or using steroids, Rich Piana plastic surgery prefers never to hush up anything. It was such an honest approach that helped him to make a name for himself in the world of bodybuilding.

Self-exposure, talk about steroids, honesty with people – all this, according to Pian, helped him to become successful.

“I think people trust me,” the bodybuilder said at the end.


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  • How did rich Piana die?

  • For what reason do bodybuilders get cardiovascular failures?

  • What do bodybuilders die from? I mean I have heard a lot of them dying. Any common reason?

  • After spending two weeks in an induced coma to try and reduce swelling to the brain, Piana died on August 25, 2017, at the age of 46. An autopsy revealed “significant heart disease” and that his heart and liver weighed over twice the average amount for an adult male.

  • BODYBUILDERS who misuse steroids lethally harming their heart cautions new exploration. Long haul anabolic steroid use may lessen the heart’s capacity to siphon blood all through the body, as per the investigation.

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Mostly they use steroids that have different side effects leading them to cardiac arrest.

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