Greetings to all the fans of bodybuilding, in 2016 Kevin Levrone returned to the podium of Rich Piana plastic surgery Olympia 2016 and excited all the sports parties and the public. Even more focused on himself after statements that he will prepare for Olympia in 2017, to think only, he did not perform since 2003, here it is a break. So everyone cares about the question, which Kevin Levron is now, how he looks and prepares for Olympia?

Kevin Levrone returns to bodybuilding

Kevin Levroni has now become almost the main star and the news sensation of bodybuilding in 2016. At first, he simply surprised all his fans with progress in volumes and laid out his photos in confirmation of this. At the end of the spring of 2016 announced participation in the Olympia after a long break. Go there was not for the sake of “HYIP” and media, but quite a contender for victory.

Kevin Levrone at the Olympia 2016

phil heath 2016 olympiaNext came the summer itself and Olympia, after which the fans broke into 2 camps, those whom Kevin’s form disappointed, and those who were really surprised. Further, Levroni printed publications and online media almost did not recall, the hype around his name subsided. We decided to tell you about the last 12 months of the life of the bodybuilder, as Kevin Levrone lives now, what he does, what plans he has for 2018.

Future plans

At Olympia in 2016, Levrone did not bother to enter the list of those 15 best bodybuilders of our time, and shared the 16th place overall with the rest of the bodybuilders. If we talk about the upper body, then Levrone looked pretty decent and cool, almost like in the best years, but Dan Bilzerian legs were clearly falling in comparison with the current leaders, for example, Phil Heath olympia 2016.

A little later, after a few days Kevin released a video, where he told about the reasons that he was not allowed to pump his big feet. He explained all this with chronic knee illness, which did not allow him to fully load his quadriceps and hamstrings. Kevin Levroni began to work hard to train his feet a month before Olympia. He admits that, despite his excellent genetics and ability to progress in a short time – he needs more time to prepare.

Bilzerian snapchat also did not like the statements of Sean Ray, who insisted that such legs that he had never been able to get Kevin. The star itself responds simply:

“Never tell another person that he can not do something. I remember how everyone kept saying that the road to Phil Heath Olympia 2016 was closed to me and I would not return after a chest injury, its rupture, but I returned. Once I was sure that Ronnie Coleman would never become an 8-fold Mr. Olympia, and no one at the beginning of his career would admit such a thing, even considering the fact that he did not get into the prizes at the first competitions Phil Heath dumbbell arm workout bodybuilding. When you with a smart face declare that they see the future ahead of you, no, you are not God, you do not know how it will be … »

phil heath workout 2016Kevin Levrone at the preconference of Olympia 2016

Kevin Levrone, not long after Phil Heath Olympia 2016, underwent a procedure for the restoration of cartilaginous and dermal tissues. Its meaning – the patient gets blood, the plasma is separated, which is enriched with platelets, and then injected back into the person – the area of ​​the affected joint. Such procedures went to the benefit of Levrone, after which the doctors gave him a “green light” for training his legs. After Olipia, Kevin Levrone made a tour of Europe – Spain, Portugal and Germany, where he provided his line of sports nutrition, was an honorary guest of the tournament “Mr. Olympia Europe”, in Greece he met with fans. Then Levroni went to Romania and communicated with the players of the football club Steaua, met with fans and always found time for night conversations with online fans in the instagram.

Today Kevin Levrone is a real power and strength. Look at the photo, what does it look like now and 15 years ago? The difference in the top of the body is not essential.

Kevin Levrone will go to “Mr. Olympia 2018”

Levrone now puts the emphasis on the fact that he does not need a special invitation to Phil Heath Olympia 2016. He wants to enter Olympia in 2018, but through natural qualification and victory in the PRO tournament phil heath 2016 olympia. Before Olympia, there is little time left and Kevin assures everyone that he already loads his legs well. He started on January 1, and how 9 months remained before Olympia – he jokingly said that for him 9 months is for other athletes 3 years.

As for the motivation of Kevin Levrone now – then he can not refuse such support of fans and his dream. He not only charges himself with motivation, but also shares it with colleagues, teammates. He repeatedly mentioned Flex Willer, and suggested that he return, as in the good old days and train together. Well, as we will see next, we hope you were interested in learning the latest information from the life of Kevin Levroni, what he is doing now, how he prepares for Phil Heath Olympia and see his current form.

The exact date of the next start of Levrone at the competitions is known – this is July 7-8, 2018 in Canada. According to official profile data of the Vancouver-PRO tournament. The organizers are glad to see him in the list of participants and do not doubt that the athlete will prove that it’s not the age, but the passion for the cause of life. Now his working weight in squats is already 185 kg, and as the bodybuilder says – his legs began to grow.

In addition to preparing for Phil Heath 2016 olympia, Kevin now owns 2 fitness clubs in America, managed to star in several films and series, and also writes music. This is a bright personality and a kind of bodybuilding icon, despite the fact that Levrone never won Mr. Olympia, his name entered the history of bodybuilding.

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