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Once again, Lee Priest makes a few points that are hard to argue with Bostin Loyd facebook.


steroids gone wrong bodybuildingBostin Loyd facebook among Russian-speaking athletes is a rather unknown figure. The Russian segment of bodybuilding does not have any information about its biographical data. It is known that the athlete was born in 1992, in the “iron sport” came at the insistence of his mother, who achieved serious success in fitness and bodybuilding, continuing training even after stepping over the 50-year age limit. In a personal blog actively uploaded video from the preparation for the tournament “Mr. California 2011” among the teenagers, but among the winners did not prove to be.

On the competitive achievements of Boston Loyd, nothing is known steroids gone wrong bodybuilding, the available information reflects his participation stananbol in minor regional competitions in the USA, judging by the absence of award ribbons and cups in the photo with the athlete, he did not manage to win any prizes.

Sports career

Sports career For fans of bodybuilding Bostin Loyd facebook is known for participating in the films of the infamous bodybuilder Richard Pian. Being a member of the bodybuilding team with 20 years of experience, the athlete actively participates in the power experiments of Pian, often appearing in the frame. It is well known that Bostin is not a professional athlete and does not belong to any federation of bodybuilding, the reason for which, according to experts, is the active promotion of steroids.

Using his personal website, Bostin Loyd facebook does not only create individual training programs, but also sells sports pharmacology, which is banned in many countries around the world, as well as various clothes and accessories steroids gone wrong bodybuilding.

Scandalous behavior

bostin loydTrying to achieve fame, Boston Loyd did not stand out as outstanding successes in power figures, and, using a video posted on social networks, insulted Lee Prista, and after receiving fitness training programes some attention, began to quickly release personal videos with detailed instruction on the training process using steroids .

While advertising and selling various pharmacology, Boston Loyd achieved some recognition in the US, but participation in the scandal with the withdrawal of athletes from drugs that are not related to sports drugs left a negative attitude among fans who quickly lost interest in the ambiguous personality.

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  • Scandalous personality who was not a professional athlete … although the figure is very powerful

  • the main focus of Bostin was the promotion of steroid drugs in the world of bodybuilding, and the training process and the competition receded into the background. Sorry, I think I could have achieved a lot)

  • He tried to make a name for himself at the expense of successful bodybuilders such as Piana. Want to achieve results – work on yourself, my personal opinion

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