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The British model and mother of two children Jackie Ryland is so obsessed with ideal appearance on her sell selfies that she is ready to risk her life by taking illegal drugs.

sell selfies29-year-old Jackie Ryland says that he knows what he risks by regularly injecting growth hormone, but he can not stop. According to the model, the results of the use of hormones are so obvious that they can not abandon them, even in spite of the threat of serious diseases: “They improve the look of the skin, make it look younger, nails and hair grow better and fat is more easily discarded. – the risk of increasing the size of the heart, which can be dangerous.If there are cancer cells in the body, the hormone will make them grow faster. ” Jackie also says that she noticed – when the drug is removed from the body, it is gaining weight, feels tired and worsening in mood.

Before starting to take growth hormone, the model used steroids and regularly visited the gym, but this was not enough for her. “You reach a certain level, and then you need to get to the next one, and you’re trying to figure out how to do it,” Jackie Ryland explains sell selfies.

selling selfiesIn this case, the model already has experience of unpleasant consequences of interference in the normal functioning of the organism. One of the breast implants was ruptured and she had to do an emergency operation. Breast augmentation is the only thing she regrets now. For the first time, Jackie did mammoplasty at 17 years, then another, but now, she said, this operation would not have been decided. However, due to rupture of the implant, she had to perform a third operation to eliminate the consequences. However, she is very proud of her bust. “They notice me through my chest, and it does not take a day for the Internet to not mention my chest sell selfies,” says Jackie, who has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Fans of the model not only enthusiastically comment on her pictures, but also give expensive things. For example, after Jackie published in the social network a list of her desires, she was literally filled up with gifts. At the same time, she often has no idea who gave her a large flat screen TV, an Apple Mac computer, brand shoes, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, a Cartier bracelet and a Rolex watch for seven thousand dollars.

And it all started with normal selling selfies. First, Jackie tried to improve the pictures with filters, but gradually obsession with successful shots led her to medical drugs. At the same time, the model admits that she is worried about her 9-year-old daughter Grace – Jackie does not want the girl to follow in the footsteps of her mother sell selfies. But the model, according to her confession, can not abandon her habits.

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