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Does Rich Piana take steroids for more than 30 years and says that it is completely satisfactory?

As you can see, steroids plus persistent physical training with a specific diet gave simply insane results.

His goal was to become the best at any cost. He won the bodybuilding championship in Los Angeles in 2003, and also in Sacramento in 2009. Pian has already achieved a lot, but still is not going to stop.

rich piana food prepUnbelievable, but he wants to become even bigger and share all this with millions of his fans.

Here’s how he’s going to achieve his goal: taking steroids, nine meals a day, hard work in a hall that is beyond the strength of an ordinary person, and protein shakes in huge quantities.

Recently, 45-year-old Rich Piana wrote that he weighs 141.5 kg. He shares his photos and videos almost every day. Many condemn him for taking steroids Rich Piana food prep. On the Facebook page, he was even insulted women on roids.  Does rich piana take steroidsBut Piana says that this is his body and he has the right to do with him whatever he wants, it’s his choice.

“If you have a choice to stay natural or take steroids, stay natural.” If there is no reason to take steroids, then you will only harm your body and yourself, “says Piana.

“But if you are going to become a professional bodybuilder, then you have no choice, and you should take steroids,” Rich added.

“I participated in competitions and in front of me there was a choice – either I fly out or start to drink steroids.” The choice was obvious. ”

“But I do not regret anything, I’m absolutely happy when I take steroids woman on steroids rich piana, I have excellent health, everything is fine with me.”

Piana believes that people need to be honest, and so the bodybuilder openly told that he takes steroids.

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