Dave Palumbo height was born on February 17, 1968, in Manhattan, New York, USA. He is a famous American bodybuilder who has found fame, even despite the fact that he did not become a professional bodybuilder.

Basic information

Date of birth: 17 February 1968 (50 years)
Country: United States US

Height: 175 cm
Competitive weight: 117 kg

Dave Palumbo Biography

His debut at the competitions began in 1990 when he was 22 years old. It was the Nationals. To him, the athlete was preparing for only 6 months. Then his weight was 76 kilograms and he finished sixth. For five years, Dave managed to gain more than 30 kilograms of muscle mass and he began performing in the heavyweight division. For 2003, his best time in competitive bodybuilding fell. He finished second in the “NPC USA Championships” in the heavyweight division dave Palumbo height. In 2004, Dave completed his competitive career but did not leave bodybuilding.

In 2001, Dave began working in the journal Muscular Development Magazine Kevin Leverone comeback, where he headed the column “Anabolic Frik”. Success came at once, the magazine rose in all ratings and began to compete with Flex magazines. A little later, Dave, along with John Romano (John Romano), launched an Internet radio on the website of the magazine Muscular Development dave Palumbo height.

In 2009, the athlete was fired from the magazine, as he began to organize the production of his own sports nutrition. The day after his dismissal, Dave opened his own website RxMuscle.com on the Internet, based on which he created a community of bodybuilding fans. At the moment the portal covers the events of bodybuilding, fitness, and figure category competitions. A little later, a sports nutrition line called Species Nutrition was released. Dave Palumbo became the director and owner of this company.

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