In April, an American millionaire Dan Bilzerian snapchat, modestly calling himself “King Instagram”, became the hero of a multi-serial cartoon. Over the course of five episodes, spectators were delighted with the way he mixed cocaine with Viagra, rolled crazy parties with friends and was treated with personal doctor Michael Jackson. But what the bearded playboy once again kept silent – it’s about the sources of his wealth, which he allegedly earned a game of poker. “” found out where the King Instagram has money for a luxurious life and what’s the financial fraud of his father dan bilzerian snapchat.

Bad boy

dan bilzerian nudes“Vegas, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, nuclear doses of Viagra, sex with several girls at the same time, rates of 10 thousand dollars, push-ups on the dispute and Mexican cuisine. I’m sure that the attack was just because of the fucking burrito, “Dan Bilzeryan laughs at one of the three heart attacks that he went through to his 36 years. True, it’s hard to believe, because Dan looks like a dream for all the women of the world: a muscular torso, a bushy beard and a love for a luxurious life.

This is what brought Bilzarian the title of King Instagram and 22 million loyal subscribers. And I must say that Dan does not disappoint them: pictures of scattered assault rifles and pistols in his estate are side by side with stormy parties with busty models and boxer Floyd Mayweather, and pokemon jeeps and speedboats are replaced by a personal audience with US President Donald Trump.

Immediately, photos of the suitcase with a pair of pistols, heavy bundles of hundred-dollar bills and signatures like “I’m going to Vegas”: Dan claims that he earns millions at the poker table, next to his famous love dan bilzerian snapchat of gambling by Nick Cassavetes, Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio.

He also calls himself a venture investor and regularly invests in filmmaking. For example, the producers of the military drama “Survivor” with Mark Wahlberg received from Bilzarian 1 million dollars for the opportunity to play an episodic role. True, immediately after the release of the picture, Dan through the court tried to return his money back: his eight-minute appearance in the frame and 80 replicas cut to one minute and just one phrase dan bilzerian snapchat video. But this did not discourage the rich man from loving cinema. If you take jillian michaels muscles a closer look at the “Guys with trunks”, “The Great Leveler” or released immediately on the DVD “Salvation” with Bruce Willis, it becomes obvious that 30-second roles have become his skate.

As well as numerous scandals with girls. In 2014, he managed to get two lawsuits at once: he kicked the model in the face at a party in Miami, and then broke a leg pornstar Janice Griffith, unsuccessfully hurling her from the roof of the house to the pool during a photo shoot for the magazine Hustler. Both scandals were quickly hushed up by the clever lawyer of the millionaire Tom Goldstein, who used to pull the client out of the most crazy scrapes.

Who are you, Mr. Bilzerian?

dan bilzerian snapchat nameHowever, if you look behind the scenes of the life of the King of Instagram, it turns out that Dan is not what he claims to be. In the social networks of fans, to disprove the myths about Bilzaryan is almost more than his fans dan bilzerian snapchat name. He himself is quite expected to explain this by the envy of the inhabitants to a luxurious life dan bilzerian snapchat.

With some of the damaging facts of his biography, it’s really hard to argue. Take at least Bilzarian’s success at the poker tables of the best casinos in Las Vegas, which allegedly bring him millions of dollars. In fact, everything that connects Dan with the successes in Texas Hold’em, is his own nickname Blitz himself coined boobies snapchat. And another video from one of the elite tournaments, where he watches the next party from the VIP-tribune, and a long-legged companion strokes his beard.

Poker player with ten years of experience Lorin Elle recalls that Dan called himself “Bill Gates in the world of poker” and boasted an annual win of $ 50 million, but even professionals are satisfied with much smaller amounts. Moreover, Dan only once participated in the most prestigious tournament of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and even then only because he made an entry fee of 10 thousand dollars.

Elle calls into question and actively promoted by Bilzarian the myth that he plays in underground tournaments for celebrities, where he allegedly cleanses the pockets of the most dangerous mafiosi and Hollywood stars. “I know everyone who has ever appeared at tables with a potential win of several million. And Dan was not there. Yes, many players try to keep their name secret, but when you raise such money, any anonymity is useless, “he explains.

It is possible that the King of Instagram got into the world of poker thanks to his brother Adam, who, unlike his relative, did participate in prestigious tournaments and private games with celebrities dan bilzerian snapchat name. It is known that he dragged Dan to the table of the World Series of Poker in 2009 and was repeatedly seen in the Bellagio casino dan bilzerian snapchat, where he once clashed with seasoned gambler and baseball star Alex Rodriguez. In other words, unlike his brother, Adam has long made a name in the poker world, but even he can not win $ 50 million a year.

The second myth actively promoted by Dan is his over-venture venture investments dan bilzerian nudes. Despite the fact that the King of Instagram does not have his own fund, US law does not prohibit him from investing in companies as an individual. True, he took advantage of this opportunity only once, together with five partners, investing 900 thousand dollars in the application for corporate fitness Fitsport. Judging by the official Twitter, the service still keeps afloat and even manages to attract customers, but Bilzerian could hardly afford to buy his home in California and Nevada, as well as the personal Gulfstream airplane with the logo on the tail.

Million-dollar incomes are also not brought by Goat Works, a Montana-registered company that owns the Blitz NV studio located in Nevada. The latter, by the way, released the already mentioned cartoon about Dan Bilzeryan, registered the bearded goat face as a trademark flashing gym 3 times a week on the tail of its aircraft and filed the same patent for the registration of his face.

Sins of the Fathers

dan bilzerian snapchat videoIn fact, the source of Bilzerian’s comfortable existence is not at all in his ability to beat DiCaprio in cards or to invest in a successful start-up in time. Everything is much more prosaic: Dan’s money does not belong to him at all dan bilzerian nudes, but to his father, unlike his son, who really understood the investments.

After serving in Vietnam, Paul Bilzerian became famous as the king of “gray” schemes for the absorption and subsequent sale of companies. His fame came from a deal with the electronics manufacturer and the contractor of the Ministry of Defense Singer Corporation, through which he became a co-owner of a group of companies with a market capitalization of 632 million dollars and earned more than 50 million.

Subsequently, Bilseryan Sr. rolled out similar deals with Armco and Hammermill. In all cases, he used the same scheme: he bought out part of the shares of the victim company dan bilzerian snapchat, then the investment funds secretly controlled by him did the same; in the end, Paul sold his package back at an inflated price, arguing that through his funds the company allegedly wants to be swallowed up by competitors.

True, in a few years the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed the scheme and filed charges against Paul about fraud and tax evasion. He spent almost two years in prison dan bilzerian snapchat, after which the court demanded that he pay $ 62 million as a result of illegal acquisitions. Instead, Bilserian the elder twice declared himself bankrupt, which allowed him not to pay money and delay the valuation of property.

In parallel, he, along with his wife, Terry Steffen, founded a trust fund that became a partner of many one-day companies strength training program for women, in which he or his wife were the presidents or sole shareholders. The Securities Commission is confident that the accounts of these companies are much larger than the $ 62 million that Paul owes the authorities dan bilzerian snapchat. One such company was registered in 2005 and liquidated by decision of the court in 2013 Caligula, which was led by Terry Steffen, Dan Bilzerian and his brother Adam at different times.

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