“The cause of death can not be determined.” Became known the results of the Rich Piana autopsy

The bodybuilder was diagnosed with heart, liver, lung, and brain damage

rich piana autopsy report

The results of the Rich Piana autopsy were posted on the net. According to them, a 46-bodybuilder, who openly admitted to long-term use of steroids, found a number of ailments. However, even these documents do not answer the question about what was the final cause of Piana’s death Rich Piana autopsy report, which died on August 25, 2017, after a 3-week coma.


rich piana autopsy results

A Rich Piana autopsy result of the body of the deceased bodybuilder was conducted by the medical expert of the sixth district of Florida, Dr. Noel A. Palma. He found the following:

  • cardiomegaly and moderate coronary atherosclerosis. Cardiomegaly – a syndrome of “bovine heart”: a significant increase in the size of the heart muscle, which can cause the formation of thrombi and cardiac arrest. Coronary atherosclerosis is a narrowing of the arteries that feed the heart with blood, which leads to impaired blood circulation, heart failure;
  • enlarged liver. Partial degeneration of liver cells into fat cells. This disease often serves as a forerunner of liver cirrhosis. It occurs, as a rule, in response to the toxic load of the liver – the use of steroids is one of its causes;
  • ascites – or abdominal dropsy: accumulation of fluid in the abdominal region. Another consequence of liver damage;
  • ischemia and partial necrosis of the brain. Ischemia is an inadequate supply of blood to the brain. Necrosis is the death of brain cells. Maybe a consequence of atherosclerosis Rich Piana autopsy, but also – could appear as a result of a strong blow (it is known that Piana lost consciousness in the bathroom and hit his head in the fall);
  • enlarged spleen and thyroid gland. It can be a response to a change in the hormonal background (it is known that Piana used, including drugs based on growth hormone – they are used to increase muscle mass);
  • bronchial pneumonia, accumulation of fluid in the lungs.
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rich piana's

Medical expert Noel A. Palma, who conducted the autopsy, wrote that he had not been given samples of toxic tests by Richard Piana. These tests reveal the presence of drugs, alcohol, and other drugs in the blood.

Previously, the police, who conducted a survey in Piana’s house rich Piana autopsy report, claimed to have found in his house 20 ampoules with drugs based on testosterone. Also, the police found a powder scattered on the table and floor – presumably an opiate drug.

Drug overdose was called one of the causes of Pian’s fainting, from which he no longer returned to consciousness. Another likely cause was the use of insulin-based drugs that change blood sugar levels. Bodybuilders use insulin because of its anabolic effect. Piana admitted that he had injected insulin. The bodybuilder said that it “can be dangerous, but only if you do not know the right dosages.”

The absence of toxicological tests and the presence of a number of internal diseases prevent the final conclusion about the cause of Rich Piana’s death, the medical expert summarizes.


rich piana death cause

Bodybuilder Rich Piana felt ill in his own home in Florida on August 10. In the bathroom, he lost consciousness and fell headfirst. Piana’s friend Chanel Jansen, who was with him at the time, called the service 911. Before the arrival of doctors, she tried to reanimate Pian on his own, but she did not succeed. Later Chanel said that he was “too heavy for her” – she could not turn it.

Arriving at the team brigade of physicians failed to bring the bodybuilder to life rich Piana death cause. In the hospital, where Piana was taken, they decided to put him in an artificial coma. The bodybuilder died on August 25, without regaining consciousness.

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Rich Piana or “steroid freak”, as his tabloids were called, was one of the most recognizable faces in modern bodybuilding. He became famous for using social networks. Piana was the founder of the company for the production of sports equipment and accessories for training. He admitted that he used anabolic steroids like Maxtreme Pharma Max-Drol and hormonal drugs for muscle growth, starting at the age of 18.

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