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The beauty of a woman depends on the correct posture. It often seems to us that exercises for posture only ballerinas and models have an ideal posture, but they are worse than you. You just need to do yourself and do a couple of exercises. You’ll see, after a week the results will be visible.

Special features

Beautiful posture – one of the things that you definitely need to take care of his youth. It doesn’t matter where the female beauty begins. Without correct posture and, as a result, a beautiful gait, all efforts will be in vain. It is not difficult to monitor the correct position of the body during the day, although getting used to the mandatory rules is not immediately obtained.

With proper posture, a person should feel as comfortable as possible: all muscles are relaxed, movements are made with ease. The head should be raised high and not lean back or forward, the chest slightly forward, the back absolutely straight, the stomach flat.


exercises for posture


You can check your own posture using the so-called shoulder index. Measure the width of the shoulders from the side of the chest, then from the side of the back (shoulder arch). Find the shoulder index by the formula: shoulder arch – 100%. If the shoulder index is 90-100% – posture is correct. Another way is to measure with a centimeter the distance from the seventh (most prominent) cervical vertebra to the lower corner of the left, and then the right scapula . These distances must be equal.
Excellent progress in improving posture is achieved by those who regularly do pilates. Gymnastics complex “Pilates” contains a variety of exercises that promote back straightening and stretching of the vertebrae. If you have serious problems with posture, Pilates is what you need!

A set of exercises for posture

Agree, not everyone can boast of the above signs. What is the reason for poor posture in most people? Unfortunately, in the age of information technology, most people spend much of their time without physical exertion. And if there is not enough time even for the gym, you need to take care of your back at home. It is enough to perform only a few universal exercises regularly.

Exercise 1- Exercise for the back.

Starting position: sitting on a hard surface, legs apart and bent at the knees at an angle of 90 degrees, feet free to stand on the floor; arms with dumbbells bent in elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and raised so that the elbows were at chest level. Exercise : at the expense of time you need to raise your arms above your head, almost completely straighten them. On the count of two, return to the starting position. Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 exercises in each. 

Exercise 2- Baby Pose.

Kneel on the mat. Arms are extended, palms are directed to a friend.
Slowly lower your heels on your heels and pull your arms out in front of you. Palm pressed to the floor.
When the neck is relaxed, return to the starting position.
Do this exercise 6 times.


baby pose


Exercise 3- Pose bridge.

We lay down on our back, hands in the lock perpendicular to the floor. We stretch our arms to the ceiling, tearing them off the floor.
While inhaling, raise the pelvis from the floor and stretch the pubic bone to the ceiling. On the exhale we return to the starting position.
Do this exercise 6 times.

Exercise 4- “Corner”

Starting position: lie down on the floor, straight legs lift up, arms along the body. As you exhale, stretch your arms to the feet, lifting the body with your abdominal muscles; Keep your waist tight against the floor; with a breath, slightly lower the body and legs exercises for posture down, but do not lie down completely on the floor.

Exercise 5- Exercise for good posture

Starting position: stand on all fours, putting his palms on the floor. Taking a slow breath, raise and extend the right hand forward and the left foot back. Reach out. To be fixed in this position, having made several breaths and exhalations. Feel your spine and back muscles stretch. On the exhale, return to the starting position. Do the same for the left hand and right foot. Make at least 10 repetitions for each hand.
It is also very good for maintaining posture to do exercises with a fitball.

Doctor’s recommendations

  • Experts do not advise starting a “new life” of the spine with violent changes. No need to force yourself to sit and walk with your back straight all day , concentrating on this all the attention. The result will be only one – the work forces will not remain.
  • To correct your posture, you need a long and hard work , this is the case when nothing can be done without effort. But you need to do it exclusively under the guidance of a professional, be it a doctor or an instructor in a fitness club.
  • Of course, you can use special corsets, which make it possible to keep your back straight without any special effort , but you should not get carried away . After some time, the muscles “forget” that it is necessary to work independently, because the spine is “held” by the corset for them. The best option manual therapists call the combination of wearing a corset and daily exercise to strengthen their own muscular system. In this case, we “train” the muscles to work in exactly the straight position that they were trying to achieve. ”
  • During the day, our back is experiencing huge loads and needs a well-deserved rest in the evening. This is not about the downy grandmother’s featherbed, where you can fall asleep with great pleasure, but wake up completely broken, with a numbed neck and goosebumps all over your body. Night sleep – for the spine is the main time of rest. And you need to take care that it is correct, because the care of posture should be around the clock. If in the morning you do not feel vigorous, it means that you did not fully relax in your sleep , and accordingly, you didn’t breathe.

set of exercises for posture



Exercise Tips

  • Perform simple exercises on all muscle groups of the abdomen and under any circumstances, pull in the stomach and try to keep the muscles in light tension. The result will appear immediately: the abdominal muscles in tension lead the lower part of the spine to the correct position.
  • Smooth movements, stretching and static postures help you learn how to control your posture and straighten the intervertebral discs. Simple exercises can be performed at home.
  • Take a perfect body position in front of a mirror. Then move, make any bends and movements. Now go back to the starting position, but not peeping. Check with the mirror: did you manage to keep your posture correctly without it? Congratulations!
  • In water, our body is “like a fluff”, so it is easier to control. For proper posture, the best swimming style is on the back : the neck is relaxed, the position is strictly horizontal, while all the back muscles work, because they help you to keep balance on the water.
  • It is worth doing the exercises correctly.

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