Basic exercise for leg muscles

Squats are a key force exercise for the development of leg muscles and one of the five basic multi-joint exercises hesquats. When doing sit-ups with the barbell, almost the entire lower part of the body is included in the work, starting from the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, ending with the calves, as well as the musculature of the body, abdominal press and lower back.

However, despite the numerous advantages of this exercise, improperly performed squats can cause significant harm to health, creating excessive load on the lower back and overloading the knees hesquats. If you want to learn to squat correctly, you need to carefully study the correct technique of this exercise and constantly pay attention to the “small” details.

The use of squats with a barbell

squatsSquats (both with a barbell, and with dumbbells or with other additional weights) are extremely important for the complex and harmonious development of the musculature of the body hesquats. In addition to the immediate pumping of legs and buttocks, they strengthen the muscles of the body and the press, and, when performed by a supertet with breathing pullovers, improve posture and expand the chest.

Another factor in the use of squats is the development of neuromuscular communication, because during the exercise the movement of the hip, knee and ankle joints should be coordinated hesquats. Among other things, squats positively affect the hormonal level, triggering the synthesis of testosterone and other hormones necessary for muscle growth.

How to learn to squat with a barbell?

leg musclesThe main rule of doing sit-ups with a barbell on the back is (rich piana program) a preliminary warm-up to prepare the muscles and ligaments for the upcoming loads. The first two sets of exercises should always be done without additional weight and with arms outstretched, then one or two approaches with an empty neck bar are performed.

Since not only the front but also the back surface of the hip musculature is working during squats, it is necessary to pay special attention to the preliminary stretching of the muscles of the buttocks and the waist – for this, during warm-up and performing squats with arms outstretched, it is necessary to stay in the lower position hesquats, directing the coccyx as can be stronger back.

How to squat correctly?

The correct technique of squatting with the bar is a key parameter for achieving success in the form of an increase in leg muscles and minimizing pain in the lower part of the spine and in the knees. In order to learn to squat correctly, use the average working weight and perform the exercise in 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Technique of squats for girls

In fact, the technique of correct squats for girls is no different from the usual squatting technique. The only difference is that it is more difficult for girls to keep the spine straight at the bottom of the movement (they tend to buckle the back of the “boat”) – in this case, extra warm-up and stretching exercises are especially important.

In addition, girls often end up crouching either too high or too low hesquats, placing their legs much wider than required, believing that in this way you need to swing the buttocks. Despite the fact that it really does involve the gluteal muscles in the work, the spine of the spine experiences an overload, provoking the development of back pain.

Squats for knee problems

If you have chronic pain in the knees or in the spine, the best option is to replace the sit-ups with the barbell in the legs with the legs in the simulator (of course, with a preliminary consultation with your doctor). Despite the benefits of squats for the development of leg muscles, this exercise can easily aggravate existing knee problems.

However, everyone else should remember that no trainers for pumping legs, in fact, can not replace squats – they can only complement them. The main disadvantage of the simulators is, first of all, that they isolate the work of certain muscle groups, excluding stabilization muscles from the movement and reducing the complex load on the entire organism.

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