The current president of America prefers blondes

There are a billion reasons why some of the hottest girls on the planet have met such a guy as Donald Trump. And we do not mean only money – although, dammit, only them would suffice hot trump supporters. Trump has always been a confident leader, capable of captivating anyone. Politicians and serious investors, billionaires, and ingenious inventors still consider it a privilege to be friends with this odious Republican hot chicks for trump. With such hands-on, it would be foolish to choose girls, not of the first echelon – and Trump did not do this ever.

Rowann Brewer

Donald Trump got this Miss Maryland almost by accident. The party at the billionaire ended for Rowanna bed, after which Trump literally filled up the beauty with gifts hot trump supporters. A private helicopter, tons of diamonds is a wonderful novel.

Melania Knauss

Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss moved to New York in 1996 – and immediately became the objects of attention of a dozen fashion magazines. Her photoshoot for Sports Illustrated has turned into a real career trampoline. Donald met Knauss at a party, since then the pair is inseparable.

Gabriela Sabatini

Trump had a short but very stormy romance with a tennis star from Argentina. A month of happiness – that’s how the billionaire’s fascination with the numerous paparazzi characterized him, hot trump women.
Kara Young Supermodel Kara Young hot trump supporters appeared in the life of a billionaire in 2001. Gossip, scandals, intrigues, investigations – in general, everything that people do at the sight of a young beauty who goes hand fitness genes in hand with such a prominent bridegroom. Donald Trump had to call Kar on a direct radio broadcast so that she would confirm her new status.

Carla Bruni

The Italian supermodel, and now the singer, Carla Bruni did not need money ever. Pretty at the same time twisted the affair with Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, and Trump, and then married Nicolas Sarkozy. What, in the end, she can do this ?!

Allison Giannini

Giannini, like many ladies hot Donald Trump – the girl is very independent. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California, a role in several films, and, ultimately, a real estate agency that works only with celebrities.

Marla Maples

But this freakish little girl caused the divorce of Trump and Ivana. With Marla Donald, by his own admission, felt like a real man – whatever that means.

Ivana Zelnichkova

A scandalous politician is quite fond of girls from Eastern Europe. In 1977, Trump took as his wife the Czech fashion model Ivana hot trump supporters – and lived with her happily how muscles grow for a couple of decades. During the divorce, Ivan received $ 25 million: one for each year of marriage.

Ingrid Senhave

Hot Trump supporters met with the model Sports Illustrated just a few times, experiencing quarrels with Marla. Neither Senheiw nor the billionaire himself intended to make one-off meetings into something more, preferring to remain close friends.


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