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Do you know that bodybuilding oli cooney as a sport exists only 117 years? Moreover, since 2000, active attempts have been made to include this discipline in the Olympic Games. It is possible that soon it will happen. It should be noted that today every person is perfectly familiar with the term “bodybuilding”, and this sporting direction is gaining momentum every day. But if you think about it, then what do we really know about him oli cooney? And below you just become acquainted with the most interesting facts about bodybuilding, which will significantly expand your knowledge in this field.

  1. bodybuilders who died youngIt is noteworthy that the history of bodybuilding begins in an ordinary circus. So, among the circus long since the great athletes used to be strong, who raised weights, demonstrated various power tricks, squatted with horses, etc. One of the most famous of these athletes was the German athlete Friedrich Müller, known under the pseudonym Eugene Sandov. This man began his career as a circus athlete and wrestler. Later, he developed his system of training (exercises, food, necessary shells, a suitable way of life) and actively promoted her propaganda around the world.
  2. In addition to numerous techniques, Sandov organized and the first studio of physical culture – the prototypes of modern gyms. It was also on his initiative that the first ever bodybuilding championship among the best athletes of the world was organized, which was held already in 1901. It is worth mentioning that the enterprising German even produced sports equipment under the Sandow brand, many of which are still relevant today.
  3. It is curious that the first simulators in the world appeared in the XVIII century oli cooney, but initially they had only medical significance. In 1854, a Swedish doctor named Wilhelm Zander even organized the first kind of medical room from such simulators. Modern treadmills, power frames and even ordinary benches with bar posts appeared much later.
  4. Here it is worth adding that soon after the appearance of such simulators their main importer was Russia, or rather the royal family of Emperor Alexander II. Naturally, such interest of the monarch soon became widespread among many representatives of the high society.
  5. Later, all sorts of fixing bandages, bandages, gloves, bodybuilding belts, knee pads and elbow pads appeared. It is interesting that initially many people tried to wear the same sports belts and bandages constantly throughout the day. And only later it turned out that they are best used only during training to avoid possible injuries oli cooney. But here interesting facts about bodybuilding are just beginning.
  6. The largest bicep in modern history belongs to the American Denis Sester. So, in the usual not warmed up state its volume is an impressive 77.8 centimeters!
  7. It is noteworthy that the beautiful and muscular bodies of young bodybuilders have also interested many filmmakers. So, in addition to all the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is worth noting Steve Reeves, who became the first professional bodybuilder who appeared in the movie.
  8. It is important to note that the most honorable title in the field of bodybuilding is the title “Mr. Olympia”. And the first athlete who deserved it is Larry Scott – it happened back in 1965. Next, eight times in a row, this title was won by Lee Haney. Subsequently, this record was repeated only 14 years later by Ronnie Coleman.
  9. It is curious that the six-time winner of this competition 19 year old bodybuilding Dorian Yates began to engage in bodybuilding due to the fact that he often went to jail. Also worth mentioning is that the two-time champion of the competition named Franco Colombo is recognized as the world’s best “swindler and shovel” of medical heaters. And the first major competition among bodybuilders who died young in the USSR took place in early 1948.
  10. The oldest of the competing athletes in the field of bodybuilding not so long ago turned 74 years old. This is a Japanese bodybuilder named Tsutomu Tohsaka. But the oldest in the field of female bodybuilding recognized American athlete Ernestina Shepard, whose age also exceeds 70 years.

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